Man of Steel 2013

Zach Snyder's Superman is best during his loner period and with his adopted Kansas parents in the cornfields. Unfortunately the film degenerates into a brainless video game when the hero faces off with General Zod.

Room 237


42 (2013)

Competent but disappointing treatment of Jackie Robinson and Branch Rickey breaking baseball's racial barrier in 1947.

Abu, Son of Adam

Room 237 (2012)

Designed for film buffs (and especially for Stanley Kubrick fans) this film plays to film geeks obsessed with puzzles and hidden meanings. Even if you find many of the ideas ridiculous, this won't prevent you from enjoying the process.

In Theaters


Amour (2012)

Winner of the 2012 Palme d'Or, Michael Haneke's Amour's tender treatment of an aging couple deserves attention. Actors Jean-Louis Trintignant and Emmanuelle Riva paint an unforgettable portrait of old age.

Kon Tiki

Kon-Tiki (2013)

Faithful to Thor Heyerdahl's incredible rafting journey across the Pacific, a film that serves as a legacy.

Reluctant Fundamentalist, The (2013)

With widespread globalization at hand, Mira Nair's provocative tale about a brilliant Pakistani man torn between two cultures is most timely.


Cave of Forgotten Dreams (2011)

Forget Picasso. Werner Herzog shows us that some of the world's greatest artists painted true masterpieces 32,000 years ago!

Image 06

Black Rain (1989)

Director Shohei Imamura deftly explores the aftermath of Hiroshima, examining the physical and psychological effects of radiation sickness on its survivors.

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Primary (1960)

Robert Drew and associates breakthrough in 1960 by documenting the Wisconsin Presidential primary, a key for JFK's eventual victory... and the beginnings of cinema verite.