Butler, The2013

Lee Daniels demonstrates yeoman effort to fashion a coherent film from an unwieldy script and Forest Whittaker makes a noble effort to make his character believably human. But a good hearted production ends up being a major disappointment.

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Blackfish (2013)

SYou may never again step inside a marine theme park again after seeing this harrowing documentary about orcas.

Fruitvale Station

Fruitvale Station (2013)

Istead of provoking anger at the racial profiling of a tragedy, the film humanizes the protagonist.

Reluctant Fundamentalist

Una Noche (2012)

Lucy Mulloy''s labor of love paints a realistic and provocative portrait of life in Havana.


Wadjda (2012)

Landmark film shot on location lifts the veil on life for women in Saudi Arabia.

The Grandmaster

Grandmaster, The (2013)

Hong Kong's premier film director Wong Kar Wai pays homage to his home town's premier martial artist.

One Track Heart

One Track Heart (2012)

72 minute documentary traces the life and influences on Kirtan performer Krishna Das.

Man of Steel

Salinger (2013)

Shane Salerno pimps his 720 page book in this self indulgent mess of a documentary.

Short Term 12

Short Term 12 (2013)

Authentic inside view of a foster care home and the turbulent emotions that they struggle with.