PR3000 Home Gym Review

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Bowflex are possible one of the best designs in the whole home gym market.  And the Bowflex PR3000  is one of their best products yet.  One of the best things about this home gym is the large weight stack that comes as standard.  Many home gyms only provide you with 150 or 160 lbs of weight to push – but this monster gives a superior 210lbs as standard to test your strength against and build muscle.  Plus it gives you over 50 different exercises to choose from, ensuring that every major muscle group of your body is given a full and thorough workout.

One complaint about many home gyms is that they just don’t feel sturdy enough.  But with the  PR3000 Home Gym this will never be a worry.  It’s tough, rugged and is more than capable of standing up to the toughest of workouts – day in day out, year after year.  And thankfully Bowflex have managed to produce this baby at a price that won’t put your credit card into meltdown.  In fact, at less than the cost of a year’s health club membership, you can have your own top quality home gym right where you want to use it – at home!


  • Fully adjustable, meaning it is perfect for all members of the family.
  • The no-change pulley system means a slick and non-tricky workout
  • The ability to upgrade to 310lbs if necessary
  • Of a reasonable size, so it’s not too difficult to find a place in the house where it can go.
  • Solid, rugged and very quiet when in use. 


  • There is no separate lat pulldown bar – so you have to use the handgrips
  • Only allows you to do weight bearing exercises.  So for CV work you’ll need to workout in a different manner
  • Short included warranty on the extended parts – however this can be extended at the time of purchase if you so require.
  • Although it does have a small footprint for a machine of this size, it does still take up some room in your house.

Product Features

  • 210lb weight stack – with the option to upgrade to a massive 310 lbs if required
  • Over 50 different exercises designed to target every major muscle group in the body
  • Comfortable seat pads and roller cushions
  • No-change cable pulley weight system.
  • Small footprint for a gym of this calibre and exercise range.
  • Easy to use no-change cable pulley system
  • Bowflex patented Power Rods
  • 1 year frame warranty, 7 year Power Rod warranty, 60 day part warranty

Who is this for? 

The Bowflex 3000 Home Gym is possible one of the best on the market today – especially if you are looking for a gym to suit all members of the family.  With enough weight to cope with whatever the man of the house wants to push, but easily adjustable and smooth to use for the ladies, it’s a perfect gym for everyone.  And Bowflex have managed to produce a machine such as this at a price that will literally do away with expensive gym memberships – for ever.  Meaning that everyone in your family has the opportunity to keep fit and toned – so looking great and keeping healthy at the same time.

Why is this worth buying? 

You can’t put a price on health and fitness – and having the Bowflex PR3000 Gym in your home does away with all the excuses for not bothering to workout.  The last thing you want to do is to splash your money out on a home gym that hasn’t got the staying power, and with the Bowflex PR3000  there’s no danger of that.  Strong and rugged, yet quiet, smooth and simple to use, once you get into your exercise routine you’ll wonder how you ever coped without it.

Five Important Points to Check when Receiving Your Goods


Computers have given many beneficial ways to many people at present. It enables them to have easy and effortless transactions. Electronic commerce has made people bring items and the products that they want closer to them.

Before, many people are seen rushing in department stores and grocery markets buying for goods and purchasing products they need. But now with the presence of eCommerce, markets and department stores are becoming less filled with these people as they can already make their groceries and purchase items with just one click at home. This has made online shop courier helpful for anyone could have. In this article we will be dealing with the five important points to check when receiving transported goods from online shop courier.

1.  Make sure that the same items and products ordered are delivered into your doorsteps. Even though if you have bought your products in the most reliable online shop courier, there is still no 100% assurance that they will be able to give their service perfectly at all times. They are also people expected to make mistakes form time to time. I am not saying not to trust them as you have already done, but as a consumer it is also your responsibility to take some time in making sure correct orders are given upon delivery.

2.  After making sure correct orders are delivered, then the second thing to do is checking the items or products for damages. Test the product once you get hold of it. Check its performance level and if it really works well as what you have desired it to be. Since you were not there physically to look at the items while you buy, then chances of damage or broken products may be delivered to you. You must first check on their websites the terms and conditions, and warranty services they have prior to purchasing. This will allow you to have the advantage in returning the product if proven to be not in good condition or damaged.

3, The next thing is ensuring that your payment have been checked and received. Although some payment transactions are made through credit and debit cards, these ways are protected from Federal Fair Credit Billing Act and also have been proven safe already. Always remember that there is never a safe way when negative things are destined for you to happen. If you are paying for cash or checks make sure that proper handling and receipts with signature of the responsible person receiving your payment must be presented. Receipts must be issued upon payments for these are the only proofs that you have paid already.

4.  We have already talked about ensuring safety of the payments. When you are not or even if you are using credit cards by means of your payments, just make sure that the receipt given to you together with your order is legally acceptable. It may be a hassle thing to do for us ordinary people to check if receipts are true, yet it is never hard when your cash is involve already. Simply go to the bureau where they are held responsible for issuing valid and legal receipts to companies and other corporations.

5. And lastly, after having it checked for its ability to work well and ensuring safety of your payments, you better check its warranty or insurance as well. Every product has a warranty period on where it can be repaired or replaced, and every selling company should offer that kind of feature or benefit to their consumers. If warranty and insurance is unbelievable then it is already a sign that you may be experiencing fraud. A warranty period service provides consumers like you to enjoy the benefits of your purchase products or items.

Shopping online has never been experienced with doubt and failures. But as we are living in a changing world and packed with temptation, there will always be someone out there capable of giving you a mess. And that someone will never hesitate to choose you. That is why we consumers must not always rely and believe to these kinds of people who exist in the world just to make our lives unsafe and upsetting. Being meticulous is one of the ways in ensuring that you benefited in any online transactions.